The Brain Architecture Game READY-MADE KIT (3-pack)

$ 99.00

The READY-MADE KIT contains a 3-pack of supplies for The Brain Architecture Game. This is enough to play the game with 12-18 people divided in 3 groups. The game can be completed in 75-90 minutes.

Weight: 3.2lbs

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For more information about playing the game, or to purchase the DIY version of the game, please visit our main website (includes a comparison table for the two versions).


The READY-MADE KITS contains 3 packs of reusable game supplies, each packaged inside a rugged plastic envelope. Each individual pack contains the supplies needed to play the game with 4-6 people: a full set of Life Experience Cards with a tuck box, 25 straws, 30 pipe cleaners, 10 plastic weights with metal hooks, one die, and a velvet bag.


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To prepare for game play, you will need to download and print one Life Journal and one Game Rule Book for each play group. These can be downloaded for FREE on our website. These materials are not included because we revise them frequently based on user feedback.

You will also need to download The Science of Early Childhood & The Brain Architecture Game Video and play it for participants before they dive in. This video, featuring neuroscientist Judy Cameron, offers clear instructions for game play and is an important part of getting the most out of the learning experience of The Brain Architecture Game.


The Brain Architecture Game was developed through a partnership between:

Production and distribution of The Brain Architecture Game were generously sponsored by the Palix Foundation.